Friday, March 15, 2013

Generate code with BasGeneratorBundle

Not all tasks of the programmer are fun, inspiring or exciting. Some of them just boring. But you still have to take care of those routine tasks. If you develop with Symfony2 you probably are familiar with SensioGeneratorBundle which makes your life easier by allowing you to avoid copying and pasting such things like bundles, form classes and CRUD controllers over and over again.

Though SensioGeneratorBundle copes with its task pretty well it has one drawback: there is no easy mechanism of extending generation commands with custom generation templates (aka skeletons). Since I had to create a lot of rest CRUD controllers of the same type and there were no way to generate them via SensioGeneratorBundle I decided to create my own BasGeneratorBundle.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ExtJs4 event handling. Components event handling

This is continuation of ExtJs4 event handling series. Today we are going to dug into ExtJs Components event handling.
Ext.Component is a core class of ExtJs that is extended by all built-in widgets (like Panel, Grid, etc). So everything I will talk about today may be applied to every widget that extends Ext.Component.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

ExtJs4 event handling. DOM Element event handling

Today I want to start new series on ExtJs4 event handling. The series are going to cover topics that might be interesting for beginners (like basic event handling of DOM Elements and ExtJs Components) as well as more advanced event handling related techniques and tricks (like event delegation and best practices for event handling in ExtJs MVC).
Without further ado let's dive into ExtJs4 DOM Elements event handling.